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It’s Not Love

October 18, 2011

There was the one with the sparkles.

Her sister’s pick had wow but was way too bold.

The tool and organza made her look like a princess!

Perfect, if she were a three year old.

The consultant pulled a few,

But none quite made the cut.

Her mother-in-law’s choice was God-awful.

She would have chosen anything but.

Maybe I won’t find  it today, she thought.

What a relief; She lets out a sigh.

But wait. The one her mother chose.

“I love it,” she thinks, and begins to cry.

Now, if only, she had the right guy.


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  1. jenny permalink

    Ah, Rachel! If only finding the perfect man was as simple as finding the perfect dress! What a great metaphor–I have to say I did not see that last line coming (title notwithstanding), and when it did, talk about having “wow”! Your opening line “There was the one with the sparkles.” captures interest and makes us wonder what is being discussed; then, we catch on that it’s dresses, but the subject changes again, somewhat shockingly, and we realize it’s really men we’re talking about–the difficulty of finding just the right fit. Very effective!

    “Tool” should be “tulle,” homophones–sound the same, spelled differently.

    Your villanelle is quite lovely, too. You’re a poet!

  2. Saadya permalink

    The great things that happen to us in life, really are only great if we have the right person to share them with.

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