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No Name for Now: Short Story

November 7, 2011

“Emwee, Emwee! I go to skoo today.” This kid is honestly the most adorable thing, Emily thinks. “Are you all ready?!” she asks the two-year-old. “Uh-huh! Wook,” the little girl holds out her pink backpack, with KAYLA written in bold, white letters. Emily laughs, and picks up her cousin to bring her to the kitchen. “What do you want for breakfast, lady?” “Waffas!” Kayla shrieks. “Coming right up,” Emily answers. “You stay wif baby Connah today?” Kayla asks. “Yes, we are going to nap until you come home from school, and then we can all play and go out for a walk. Sound good?” Emily knew that there was no way that kid would go out the door to school if anything remotely exciting was going on at home. “Uh…yes,” she said, the jelly from her waffle smeared all over her face. Emily smiled and cleaned up.

Connor napped for most of the morning, so Emily mostly cleaned up around the house and watched bad television, waiting for Kayla to come home. “Hi, Emwee!” Kayla pranced into the den and climbed up into Emily’s lap. “How was school?” “Is good,” Kayla said, “wook!” She held up a piece of white construction paper with strokes of red paint all over it. “That is so beautiful, Kayla, wanna hang it on the fridge and I will make you lunch?” They sat at the table and ate their peanut butter and jelly sandwiches. Emily had to put more jelly on Kayla’s sandwich after being scolded that there wasn’t enough. “Ready for your nap? When you wake up we’re gonna go play outside,” Emily led the little girl up to her room. “Yes, sweep. Wuv you,” Kayla said, laying down. “Love you too.” Emily went quietly down the stairs.

“Emwee?” Emily plucked Kayla up out of the crib. “We go aside?” The little girl was wiggling with excitement. “Yes, lady, we just have to get our shoes on, okay?” Once outside, Kayla stomped and crunched every leaf in sight. She looked to see Emily wearing her sunglasses. “My sunglasses!” she exclaimed. “Do you want yours?” Emily asked. “Yes, I need them,” the little girl insisted. She popped on her round, white, sparkle-covered sunglasses. “Wook, I need them,” she said again. “I know,” Emily said, “you’re wearing them silly.” “Oh. But I need them.” Emily sighed then smiled to herself. This kid was certainly something. They walked around the block, with Kayla stopping to examine every stick, pebble, and bug that crossed her path. “Oh, pwetzal!” Kayla said, pointing one on the ground. “Oh that’s yucky, right?” That was the last thing Emily wanted her to do. “We can have pretzals when we get home!” They walked down to the avenue to the bakery. “Oh! Cookie, Emwee?” Emily laughed, “Of course, Kay.” “My cookie! Baby Conna cookie?” “Nope, he isn’t big enough, right?” “Oh,” Kayla said knowingly. “They’re so sweet,” the woman behind them in line said. “Thank you,” Emily said. Kayla hid behind her. “She’s a little shy,” she told the woman. “Ready to go home to see mommy?” Emily asked the little girl. “Yes, Mommy! I bring cookie.” She marched towards the door.

“I’m going to run and do some errands,” the children’s mother said to Emily. “Ok, we’re just going to hang out,” she replied. Kayla plopped down on the couch and called Emily over. “We watch Do-Do?” Emily put on her favorite Dora episode. She thought about all of Kayla’s words for things, and wondered when the day would come that she wouldn’t say them those ways anymore. She found it endearing. Her grandmother however, would constantly correct the two-year-old, which usually ended with Kayla running away or shrieking, to which the elderly Irish woman would say, brogue strong, “You’re being bold!”


As far as this short story goes, I don’t know if it really is one… I struggled with a topic, and am hoping that this goes somewhere. I’m writing this in the third person, about a nanny’s time with her 2 year old cousin. It’s all dialogue, and I would not like the finished piece to be that way, so I definitely have my work cut out for me. I used real people as a model (at least for Kayla) because I find it nearly impossible to write about things I don’t know anything about, but I admire those who can! I am hoping to flesh it out more, maybe by being more sensory and descriptive, just because the little girl is so vocal, I think that there could be an interesting contrast to what is actually going on around her. One of the very first lines is one of Emily’s thoughts. I think that that is something I will try to put in throughout, as long as it doesn’t seem like it’s just there for the sake of being there. I am also debating on taking the baby’s name, or even character, completely out, because I want it to be focused on Kayla. I hope you like it! Thanks J


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  1. hey Rachel,
    You have some good ideas about where you want to go with this. It would help if your characters had separate dialogue paragraphs so as to not make the reading confusing about when one person stops and the other begins. And maybe a little less detail about what the characters are doing at every moment so there is room for the reader to think about what is going on. good luck!

  2. Samantha permalink

    I really love this character Kayla. I think the dialogue needs to be limited though. There needs to be more direction like you said. I would love to see the story told in Kayla’s perspective. It would be really cute. Just a suggestion. I have no idea how to construct that kind of story but I really think you can do it just based off what you wrote already. Just a trip to the doctor or spending the day at school and coming home to mommy would be a great story in Kayla’s point of view.

  3. Thanks 🙂 ***

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