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November 22, 2011

Kayla is a precocious, impish and unbelievably charming little girl. Her blonde curls and large blue eyes make her look like a living doll. She can throw tantrums with the best of them, but they are never without cause, or directed towards someone who doesn’t deserve it, at least a little bit. Her elders call her bold, but I will be the first to defend her sass. She’s learning and growing and living and dancing her way into the world.

She gets up in the morning and scuffles into the kitchen, her once white bunny slippers now are scruffy and loved. I place her in her chair, blink, and her face is smeared with the jelly from her waffle. One thing that makes her furious is cleaning her up. Tears are inevitable. I throw out apologies, and let her pick out an outfit. She chooses a tutu and Mary-Janes. I’m sending her off to school, more nervous than she will ever be. I’m scared of a bad report. She’s been hitting in class. Of course she gets reprimanded. I am not an expert in child development, but telling a 2 year old to “read a book and relax” seems rather ineffective. She can’t even read yet. But she’s not my kid.


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  1. jenny permalink

    Hi Rachel. I can see you’ve spent time thinking about the little girl’s character here, and I like the irony of a little girl who looks like an angel being in trouble for hitting in school, and now it’s probably time to consider your story line. What is this story about? Is it about some struggle of Kayla’s (this is limited because, face it, well, she’s two), or something contextual in her life–parents or school, or about her relationship with Emily her caretaker? Is this a story about learning a lesson, suffering a defeat, achieving a goal? There must be some sort of crisis moment or conflict, and these characters should want something, should have motivations that complicate or precipitates the conflict. Ideas about this?

    Keep working with it, and see me if you have questions (or bring them up in class…).

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